The Luck of the Irish

This weekend I went back to my roots and visited my Irish heritage. The night consisted of food, music, laughter, dancing, puppies, and great conversation. I talked with Paul from Guam who was accompanied by his high school friend of 35 years. And Von and Clayton showed me pictures from their glamorous Labyrinth/goth themed wedding. I met Cookie, the corgi puppy. When I asked to photograph him, Christopher quickly whipped out a comb to groom his macho stache. As he told me in his Irish accent about his short film he was a part of, I asked him if he was Irish and he replied with "aren't we all a little?" (Figuring out later on he is from Fort Worth, I loved his commitment to Irish atmosphere of the night).  

Every single person I met was so charming, interesting, and genuine. It was so wonderful hearing every person's stories and just getting to have a fun, light-hearted evening. I encourage everyone to step outside of their comfort zones and go out and talk to people!! You never know who you'll meet; sometimes at the end of the night conversation is the true pot of gold.