beauty in the mundane



I spent a week in Montana with six of my favorite humans in the world. Our time was spent hiking, jet-skiing, cliff diving, lots and lots of eating, card playing, star gazing, and most importantly, laughing. We became professionals at resting on hammocks while reading books with our eyes closed and achieved finding the perfect road trip playlists to accompany our long drives.

This is a tender moment for all seven of us, as we are dispersing all over the world and are all in times of life transition. This week was a reminder to me of the three things: the richness of friendship, the importance of disconnecting for a moment from the chaos of life, and the rejuvenation one receives from being surrounded by the beauty of nature. Goodbyes are bitter sweet but I left with a heart full of life and gratitude.

Lessons we learned:

If you try to fit four people on a jet ski, there is a good chance it will tip, thank you physics.

It is always a good time to get ice-cream, especially if chocolate fudge is involved.

Buffalo will not come to you if you try calling them with “Buffalo noises.”

Frozen chicken nuggets cook perfectly on a stick over a campfire, if turned properly.

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