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Day In a Life with Latisha - medium format film

Latisha is a beautiful, deteremined soul who suffers from multiple sclerosis. I had the joy of spending the day with her early in the year of 2017. We spent the morning at the nursing home, eating breakfast in her simple bedroom shared with an elderly lady. Later on, we took the MITS bus over to Mindset, a wellness center located in Ft Worth, TX. Every Tuesday and Thursday, Latisha works with every ounce of her being, strengthening her mind, body and spirit.  We finished the evening by having a heart-to-heart talk and sharing our stories with one another, something I will never forget.  In July of 2017, Latisha showed up to Mindset, wheelchair left behind, and with the help of her walker, WALKED into Mindset. She has moved out of the nursing home and into a more independent living center and continues to work hard every week to thrive and celebrate new miracles every day.