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A Weekend in the Alps

Hidden away in a valley in the Alps, the town of Chiavenna awaited us for a much-needed weekend getaway. Our home was a cozy, 400-year-old, four story tower built on top of the remains of a Medieval city. The tower overlooked a vineyard, freshwater creek, and an archeological village of stone houses. 

The weather was overcast and in the low 60s with specks of sunlight seeping through the clouds; the only sounds audible were the rushing creek water, crashing of waterfalls against the mountains, and birds singing. I was half expecting to look up and see Rapunzel’s hair draped over the balcony.

The tower was completely secluded and without internet (I know, how did we ever survive?). We spent our weekend mountain biking, strolling, exploring, and most importantly, resting. The mornings were slow, peaceful and accompanied by hot tea. We spent the nights sipping on wine from the vineyard, gifted to us by our kind host, curled up in blankets looking out at the waterfall, telling stories varying from memories of childhood Christmases to tales of high school romance. 

Most importantly, this weekend reminded me of the absolute God-breathed beauty of creation. 

Ellie Thorne1 Comment