beauty in the mundane



I tucked myself away in a corner of a well-known bookstore called Shakespeare and Co. accompanied by Robert Frost and the store’s pet cat. A man played the piano and the music danced in and out of the bookshelves. Time did not exist and my only focus was the words on the page. It was, by definition, a magical moment. 

Weezie and I spent our fall break in the dreamy city of Paris. I had a difficult time creating this post because I could not narrow down the images or think of the words to say. By compiling this, it makes me aware that that is exactly how I would describe Paris: a magical city in which no words can fully explain its essence and no human can fully grasp the experience.

We spent our seven days gawking over Monets, sketching at coffee shops, picnicking by the Seine, getting lost in the gardens of Versailles, and consuming any French food in sight. We also had the pleasure of meeting up with a few of our dear friends, which was the cherry on top of our trip. Au revoir Paris, I hope to see you soon!

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